Marking system STL20VLM-802

This type of devices is designed for laser marking or engraving. The construction is created considering concept of minimization overall dimensions and ergonomic requirements.

The device is produced as a single module.

It is easy to readjust device if it is necessary. The device is placed into working zone, connected to 220V and to computer with software. The device is supplied (fitted up) with electrical lift (stroke- 100 mm). The lift is made on the base of synchronous motor.  Focusing on the surface is realized in two modes:

1. Auto scan of the focus point

2.Manual scan of the focus point

Focus sensor follows shift of focus point, that can be seen on screen. The type of sensor is photoelectrical or electromechanical.

The device is completed with protective screen with IR filter. It can be supplied with protective glasses if it is necessary. 


Technical dates
 Name       Units Value
 Laser type  ----  Fiber
 Laser power Wt  10, 20, 50
 Scanning field   mm  60х60 or 100х100 
 Scanning method ----  Angular
 Size of spot  µm
 Software resolution dpd/inch  650 (Objective SKR-100)
 Max working speed  mm/s  10 000
 Max velocity at no-load operation mm/s  15 000
Vertical movement range mm  100
 Software for design  ----


Corel Draw

  Input voltage   V
 Power  Wt
 Weight  kg
 Laser working time, more hour
 50 000

overall dimensions,



Дополнительная информация:

Типовой паспорт (PDF)

Габаритный чертеж (PDF)





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