STL800 2

                    Laser marking machine STL-20VLM-800

This machine is designed for obtaining marking and engraving of big fields. Pulse fiber laser with power from 10 to 50 Wt is used as radiation source. As a main marking mode the mode of gradual work of linear coordinate mechanism and the system of optical galvanometers is used. This is the distinctive quality of the machine. Thus the picture in software environment breaks on the fragments, that     are  marked  with high speed by system of galvanometers, and linear actuator only makes movements from one zone to another. Such mode allows to use speed parameters of galvanometers maximally and accordingly to minimize time of image output. This mode can be practically realized on base of high precision and time stability of linear servo and scanning system. In order to improve precision and vibration stability mechanism of vertical movement is not connected with the system of linear and angular evolvent (scanning). For Z-movement the vertical displacement of object table is used.


Technical characteristics

Name       Units Value
 Angular scanning field  mm  SKR-100          SKR-160             SKR-200 100х100             160x160            200x200
 Linear scanning field  mm  650x450
 Max engraving speed(for objective SKR160)   mm/s


 Max velocity at no-load operation of linear actuator  mm/s  15 000
 Working speed of linear actuator  mm/s  400
 Vertical movement range  mm  400
 Max load (weight) on table    700
 Software    STL-400
 Working design environment    Acad, CorelDraw
 File type   plt, bmp, dxf
 Supply voltage    220V, 50G
 Max power consumption  Wt  1000
 Weight  kg  600
 Operating time at least  h  50 000
 Recommended operating mode   continuous work for 4 hours then break for 20 minutes 


The linear movement range can be increased up to 1200x800 mm. The system of static and dynamic……..( подфокусировка) can be include as additional option. The machine is able to be equipped with rotation mechanism on the base of synchronous motor direct action with the moment from 10  to 70…..?

Дополнительная информация:

Типовой паспорт (PDF)

Габаритный чертеж (PDF)


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